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Welcome to Marianna's

Marianna’s® exists since 1994 and remains, to date, a traditional family business. We aim at creating tasty, traditionally Greek, high quality and organic foods for other families in Greece and abroad. Marianna’s® Products are organic and ISO22000:2018 certified. The product line includes world-famous Marianna’s® vineleaves, traditional Dolmades (vineleaf wraps with rice and herbs) and all other vineyards products, such as Petimezi (mosto cotto), Vinetops etc., except wine. In 2010 the family introduced the traditional and hand-made Marianna’s® Pies in 14 different flavors. All products are exported and have been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards.

Why Marianna's?


Marianna's Products have been awarded multiple Great Taste Awards over the years, making Marianna's a "Great Taste Producer".


Our vineyards and our products are certified organic since 1997. We would not compromise with anything less. 


Marianna's Products are made in Greece, with traditional Greek recipes, using locally sourced raw materials.